National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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Background – Creation of NDIS

  • 2014 – Introduced by Prime Minister Gillard’s government – funded by 1% increase to Medical Levy – $30 Billion.
  • 12/2017 – Commenced in Western Australia.
  • NDIS developed to accommodate and care for physically and/or mentally impaired Australians.
  • Estimated 1,500 new Participants requiring accommodation in WA.
  • An additional 1,500 Participants currently living in accommodation not meeting NDIS certified design standards and due to close within 3 years
  • A Participant is the term within NDIS for the Patient/Residents admitted to the dwelling.
  • The care provider can not own the dwelling so a partnership is form within an agreement.
  • MyHOME is the “CARE PROVIDER”.

NDIS WA Landscape

  • Current operators are not for profit – not commercial or professional in structure and operations.
  • Receive 1/3 of NDIS funding until re-registering under new legislation.
  • 3 year time limit provided to re-register.
  • Accommodation offerings are old and inadequate, not meeting the government legal requirements.
  • Accommodation offerings have long lease terms attached and can not be broken.
  • Their existing Participants are free to transfer to our new accommodation

NDIS Impact

NDIS Impact

The NDIS will provide a significant opportunity for WA – with potential to trigger large-scale economic growth and job creation.

By 2020, the disability sector is forecast to generate $2.7 billion worth of economic activity in the state. This includes $1.8 billion of income and the equivalent of 20,144 direct and indirect full-time jobs.

Availability of the NDIS will see increased demand for a wider range of services in WA. Total funding in the state for disability support and services is expected to increase by 92% to $1.7 billion:

  • Coordination and individual support – up 95% to $286 million
  • Community-focused support – up 93% to $648 million
  • Family support – up 91% to $170 million
  • Accommodation support – up 90% to $638 million
NDIS Funding Arrangements

Future of Current Operators

  • Most expected to close.
  • Participants able to leave old accommodation and move to the new.
  • Transfer of Participants expected to be 1,500 people. Additional to the above.

Highlights of NDIS for Investors

NDIS New Gen

• Return on investment – 10-18% subject to land and build cost

• Long term lease with Commonwealth government

• Gross earnings average $60,000 per annum

• Home purpose design and built by award winning New Generation Homes

• CPI annual adjustments to rental

• Administration requirements undertaken by operator

  • 2 cars lock up garage and 2 car bays
  • Open plan living with alfresco
  • Landscape and boundary fencing
  • Floor covering throughout
  • Internal wall painting
  • Blinds to windows
  • Interiors colour consultant